Reliable down to the last detail – for decades

Strautmann Three-way tipping trailers stand for:

– Quality
– Stability
– Economic value

Be among those who benefit from our more than 45 years of experience in tipping trailer manufacturing and become one of over 80,000 satisfied customers!
We are setting standards in terms of stability, long service life and flexibility. A high degree of stability under load and a long service life are the most important features that characterise a good tipping trailer.

Side panels
The side panels of all Strautmann three-way tipping trailers are laser-welded such that they are airtight and thus perfectly protected against corrosion. Furthermore, their profiling provides utmost stability, which means for you:
– Low wear
– Long service life
– Lasting economic value

Silage attachment with hydr. back panel
Silage attachments of 1.5 or 1.8 m in height make your Strautmann tipping trailer the ideal vehicle for transporting silage.
– Hydraulic back panel opening
– Top front panel as grille
– Stronger tilting cylinder
– Detachable back panel frame, side panels can be hung into the usual stanchions
– Standard end stanchions for basic side panel & 1st attachment
– can be stored at the frame