Verti-Mix – L
Verti-Mix Double

Why mix fodder?
– Homogeneously mixed ingredients prevent the cows from selecting the forage
– Higher milk yields with improved ingredients
– All animals are optimally fed from the physiological point of view and less prone to diseases
– Healthy, long-living cows and high degree of cost effectiveness
– Time saving and easier working
– Possible use of low-cost industrial by-products

Strautmann Verti-Mix fodder mixing wagons
Contribute substantially to increase the productivity of modern dairy farms. The perfect geometry of container and Vario² mixing auger is supported by the newly developed, canted auger shape.

This ensures:
– Low power requirement
– Optimum fodder structure
– Homogeneous mixing
– Energy-saving short mixing times

Excellent mixing quality and proven low horse power mixing guarantee absolute cost effectiveness for any kind of application.