Strong in many fields

Strautmann universal spreaders are exactly the right option for you,

… if you consider manure to be a valuable fertiliser.
… if you want to accurately spread manure.
… if you want to spread earth-moist lime and compost.
… if you spread manure in standing livestock.

Dosage gate
– For dosed spreading of fine-grained spreading components such as sewage sludge or compost.

Milling tines/Spreading beaters
– Segment beaters with screwed milling tines
– Easily rotatable and replaceable

Boundary spreading device
– Mechanical or hydraulic operation
– For spreading along field edges or waters
– Exact and clean working
– Available for left-hand or right-hand side

Universal spreading unit
– Spreading width of up to 24 m
– Accurate lateral distribution
– Exact spreading pattern
– Maximum throughput rate

Spreading discs
– Wearing plates & throwshovels made of Hardox for extremely long service life